In this section we talk about some of the Family Law success stories of the Toscanolex team.

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Today our colleague Ahinoa Santander Lda in Civil and Criminal Law tells us the news of shared custody.

In this case, the father and mother had agreed on a very restrictive visitation regime for the father since the youngest was less than 1 year old and was breastfeeding.

However, when handing down the sentence, the judge took into account several changes in circumstances.

▪️The least is already 6 years old.

▪️The person who has largely taken care of the child during this time has been mainly the grandmother.

The logic has been reached that for the child to spend more time with the grandmother, he should spend more quality time with the father.

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Absolutory Sentence in Case of Gender Violence: A Success for Toscanolex

Lawyer María Rusu Adorjani tells us about a success story. Absolutory Sentence in Case of Gender Violence: A Success for Toscanolex

This week we are very happy with our latest success story.

This is an acquittal in a case of gender violence, where our client was accused of coercion and threats against his ex-partner.

The process has been long and complicated, having been suspended four times due to the complainant’s failure to appear in court.

This situation was especially annoying for our client, a foreign businessman, who had to travel to Spain repeatedly to participate in the trial and defend himself.

Thanks to the evidence presented, we were able to convince the judge that our client had not threatened or coerced the alleged victim.

On the contrary, the messages were always sent by the complainant, who also asked the accused for favors.

We are very satisfied with this result, since in cases like this, people’s freedom is at stake, and freedom is the most valuable thing we have.