Laws on Tourist Apartments in Spain: The Recent Pronouncement of the Supreme Court

Laws on Tourist Apartments

This week, the Spanish Supreme Court has issued a ruling that has generated a significant impact in the field of tourist apartments. This ruling has been favorable to a Community of Owners that decided to take legal measures against the exploitation of this type of property measures. We are going to write what we should know about Laws on Tourist Apartments.

The Significant Turn: Laws on Tourist Apartments Equipped for Commercial Activity

The Supreme Court ruling marks a milestone, since for the first time tourist apartments are equated with commercial activity. This comparison has profound legal implications and sheds new light on the regulation of this sector in Spain.

The Absence of Specificities in the Statutes: A Featured Case

In the specific case that was taken to the Supreme Court, the Community of Owners did not have a precise clause in its Statutes that expressly prohibited the exploitation of tourist apartments. However, the community did have a general prohibition that covered the operation of any type of business, including consultations or clinics.

The Verdict: Exploring the Laws on Tourist Apartments Commercial Activity

With the ruling, it is unequivocally established that the exploitation of tourist rentals is now considered a commercial activity. This implies that the exploitation of tourist apartments is expressly prohibited, even in the absence of a specific clause in the community’s statutes.

The Importance of Specialization: Toscanolex and the Horizontal Property Law

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Final Conclusions: Navigating the New Legal Scenario of Tourist Apartment Laws

In summary, the Supreme Court ruling has marked a crucial change in the interpretation of the laws on tourist apartments in Spain. The equation with commercial activity redefines the way in which these accommodations are regulated and poses additional challenges for those participating in this industry.

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