Falsely accused of gender violence, Success story

Falsely accused of gender violence

In this article we are going to describe the following success story about our client falsely accused of gender violence where we have resolved as follows:

Acquittal sentence in case of gender violence

This time it was an acquittal in the area of ​​gender violence, and our client was accused of the crimes of coercion and threats against his ex-partner.

It has been a very long procedure since it has been suspended four times because the complainant did not appear in court.

A very annoying circumstance since every time the trial was scheduled, our client, a foreign businessman, had to travel to Spain to be able to participate in the trial and defend himself.

Successful defense in a case of someone falsely accused of gender violence

With the evidence provided, we have been able to demonstrate to the Judge that our client has neither threatened nor coerced the alleged victim, but quite the opposite.

The messages were always sent by the complainant and above her asking the accused for favors.

It has been a difficult trial because with all the factors that went against us.

The complainant prepared herself with witnesses and with very studied testimony.

Finally, we have been able to dismantle the position of the witnesses of the opposing party, her daughter and son-in-law, who testified in court against us since they have never been direct witnesses and never witnessed the events.

Therefore, his testimony is not relevant to forming a conviction about what happened during the couple’s life together.

Defense strategy for someone falsely accused of gender violence

Our client, in line with the position maintained, categorically denied the attributed facts, in short, any type of calls or messages sent, denying that he had appeared in the vicinity of the defendant’s home.

He alleged that, in a cordial manner, he had responded to her calls and that, after the breakup, all he wanted was to recover his dog and another series of assets that the accused kept, denying any interest in having maintained a subsequent relationship with her.

Furthermore, he mentioned that it was the accused who asked him for help to even obtain the resident card.

Importance of having a lawyer specialized in cases of falsely accused of gender violence

We are very happy because in these cases we are playing with people’s freedom, and freedom is the most valuable thing we have.

Having a lawyer specialized in cases of gender violence can make the difference between a conviction and an acquittal.

What to do if you are falsely accused of gender violence?

Stay calm: It is crucial to stay calm and not react impulsively.

Contact a lawyer: Immediately seek the advice of a lawyer specialized in criminal law and gender violence.

Collect evidence: Gather all possible evidence that proves your innocence, such as messages, emails, witnesses, etc.

Avoid contact with the accuser: Do not try to contact the person accusing you, as this could make the situation worse.

Follow legal advice: Listen to your lawyer and follow all legal instructions they provide you.

Frequently asked questions about being falsely accused of gender violence

What is a false accusation of gender violence? A false accusation of gender violence is when someone is accused of a crime of gender violence without it having actually occurred.

What steps should I take if I am falsely accused? You should contact an attorney, gather evidence of your innocence, and avoid contact with the accuser.

How Can a Lawyer Help in a False Accusation Case? A lawyer can advise you legally, represent you at trial, and help you collect and present evidence.

What consequences can a false accusation have? It can damage your reputation, affect your personal and professional life, and lead to legal sanctions if not handled properly.

Can compensation be claimed for a false accusation? Yes, it is possible to claim compensation for damages suffered due to a false accusation.

What evidence is crucial to prove a false accusation? Messages, emails, witnesses, recordings and any evidence that proves your innocence.

How long can the judicial process for a false accusation last? The duration may vary depending on the complexity of the case and the judicial system.

Is it possible to clear my name after a false accusation? Yes, with an acquittal and, in some cases, with legal action to repair the damage to your reputation.

What rights do I have during the judicial process? You have the right to defense, to a fair trial, and to be represented by a lawyer.

How can I prevent a false accusation in the future? Maintaining evidence of your interactions, avoiding conflicts and always acting in accordance with the law.

At Toscanolex, we are specialists in family law and criminal law, allowing us to offer a comprehensive approach to resolving any case related to being falsely accused of gender violence.

We will offer you guidance on your rights and assist you in protecting your interests throughout the process.


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