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In ToscanoLex we offer you the services of our law firm so that you can count on the legal advice of a specialist lawyer to solve your crime of threats and / or coercion without further delay. It is a common misconception that the crime of threats and coercion does not require the services of a lawyer or that minor offences do not require a legal professional.

A complaint for threats or a crime of coercion can become a real problem if you do not turn to real professionals. At ToscanoLex, you can count on the services of a specialist lawyer to resolve crimes of threats and coercion.

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At ToscanoLex we will guide you through the whole process with CONFIDENCE, because we make your case unique and give you personalised attention, offering you maximum confidentiality because each person and/or case is different.

We do our work with SAFETY, because we know what we are doing and we spare no effort; and RESULT, because we look for the best solution to the problem, and we fight for it until the end.

What is the difference between a misdemeanour and other legal proceedings?

Minor offences are those for which the law punishes with a minimum penalty, as the punishable conduct is not so serious. They are the former misdemeanours.
A summary of the characteristics of minor offences may be:


  • Misdemeanours involve a criminal record only up to six months after the end of serving the sentenc
  • For the prosecution of a misdemeanour, a prior complaint is required.
  • Misdemeanours of a minor nature require a criminal record.
  • Misdemeanours are not punishable by imprisonment, except in certain cases.
  • Misdemeanours are subject to a one-year statute of limitations.
  • The judge who decides is the examining magistrate.

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