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Golden Visa

Unveiling the Benefits of Spain’s Golden Visa for Foreign Investors

1. Delving into the Golden Visa

The Golden Visa, also known as the Investor Visa, is an exclusive residency permit designed for foreign investors seeking to establish themselves in Spain. This program grants a VIP service that allows you to:

  • Thrive in Spain’s Job Market: Pursue your professional aspirations in one of Europe’s strongest economies.
  • Embrace Family Reunification: Bring your loved ones to Spain, including your spouse, underage children, parents, and dependent relatives.
  • Enjoy Unrestricted Movement: Experience the freedom to travel throughout the European Union thanks to the free movement agreement.

2. Eligibility Criteria for the Golden Visa

To gain access to this exclusive program, you must meet specific requirements:

  • Significant Investment: Make a minimum investment of €500,000 in various ways:
    • Purchase one or two properties in Spain.
    • Invest in shares of Spanish companies.
    • Deposit funds in Spanish credit institutions.
  • Demonstrate Sufficient Financial Means: Prove that you have the necessary resources to support yourself and your family in Spain.
  • Fulfill Additional Requirements: Submit a valid passport, medical certificate, health insurance, and a criminal record certificate (no criminal record in Spain or other countries).

3. Additional Benefits of the Golden Visa

Beyond the aforementioned benefits, the Golden Visa offers additional advantages:

  • Effortless Renewal: Your residency permit is renewed annually as long as you maintain your investments.
  • Entrepreneurial Investment Opportunities: Invest in business projects in Spain and obtain residency through job creation.

4. Residency and Work in Spain: Options for Foreign Investors

This article explores the two main pathways for foreign investors to legally reside and work in Spain:

4.1 Visa:

  • Geared towards applicants residing outside of Spain.
  • Enables you to reside and work throughout the country for one year.
  • For property purchases with a deposit contract, the period is reduced to six months.
  • After one year, you must apply for a residency authorization.
  • The application is submitted at the Diplomatic Missions and Consular Offices (Embassies and Consulates).

4.2 Residency Authorization:

  • Intended for applicants already legally residing in Spain.
  • Grants a three-year permit to reside and work throughout the country.
  • The application is submitted to the Large Companies and Strategic Groups Unit (UGE-CE).

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