Along with the claim of the amounts overpaid for the application of the “Floor Clauses”, claims for the repayment of mortgage expenses generated as a result of the constitution of notary mortgage loan deed are breaking through in 2017, with the consumer being more and more frequent for Justice to reason and the Bank to return these amounts to its customers.

We refer to the expenses for setting up a mortgage, such as: Notary, Tax Documented Legal Acts, Registry, Management…

Proof of this is the recent Judgment S E N T E N C I A No. 9/2017JUZGADO DE PRIMERA INSTANCE No18 BIS DE MALAGA, this being the new specialized court that was determined to take this type of affairs, deriving to it all the demands of Soil Clauses and Expenses that have been filed throughout 2017 in the province of Malaga. In that judgment, the SANTANDER bank is ordered to repay the amounts paid by the clients in respect of mortgage lending expenses as well as the interest that they accrued on the grounds that the stipulation set out in the deed that determined that all expenses should be paid by bank customers applying for mortgage credit.

The applicants can therefore recover the amount paid by notary, registration and management, plus the interest generated, with a charge to the bank.

This claim of amount for these expenses, a long time ago no one would have imagined that financial institutions could be claimed by a Judge’s Favourable Judgment, but since the decision of the First Chamber of the TS by its judgment 705/2015, have been a reality in our day, which we corroborate with the judgment issued by the Court of Malaga.

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