Shared custody

shared custody

At Toscanolex, we are proud to share relevant news and legal perspectives on notable cases. On this occasion, our colleague Ainhoa Santander, Lda in Civil and Criminal Law, brings us a crucial update on shared custody that reflects the evolution in judicial decisions.

Shared Custody Case

Joint custody is an issue that has undergone significant changes in recent years. Previously, in cases where the child was under 1 year of age and was breast-feeding, visitation regimes were often restrictive.

However, the recent ruling in a particular case has marked an important milestone by taking into account various factors that have influenced the final decision.

Change of Circumstances Shared Custody: From Infant to 6-Year-Old Child

One of the crucial aspects considered by the judge when handing down the sentence was the change in the minor’s age.

Going from being an infant to a 6-year-old child entails substantial adjustments in care needs and dynamics.

This change has been decisive in rethinking the visitation regime and allowing greater participation by the father in the minor’s life.

Fundamental Role of the Grandmother: A Decisive Factor

Another relevant element that the judge took into consideration was the fundamental role played by the grandmother in caring for the child during this time.

The figure of the grandmother as the main caregiver has influenced the decision to grant more quality time with the father.

This approach reflects a broader understanding of family dynamics and highlights the importance of maintaining meaningful relationships in the child’s environment.

Toscanolex Perspective: Comprehensive Approach in Shared Custody Cases

At Toscanolex, we understand the complexity of joint custody cases and how changes in circumstances can have a significant impact on court decisions.

Our legal team is committed to providing comprehensive advice in divorce cases, adapting to the evolution of legislation and judicial practices.


This case highlights the importance of adapting judicial decisions to evolving family circumstances.

Joint custody is not only about dividing time between parents, but also about ensuring a stable and loving environment for the child.

At Toscanolex, we are here to guide our clients through these challenges, providing legal solutions that reflect the changing reality of modern families.

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