Validity and Scope of the New Housing Law

New Housing Law

Validity and Scope of the New Housing Law

The Law, in effect since May 2023, directly impacts the present. Although the Tensioned Areas have not yet been defined—an essential aspect of the regulation—it is crucial to be aware of their existence and potential impact.

Most citizens exercise their right to housing as tenants or property owners, making the New Housing Law applicable to them.

Key points to consider about the new housing law:

▪️ The law has been in effect since May 2023 and is actively applied.

▪️ Tensioned Areas are yet to be defined, indicating their non-existence as of now.

▪️ In 2024, rent increases cannot exceed 3%.

▪️ Rent payments must be made electronically.

▪️ Fees for real estate management in regular housing rentals must be borne by the landlord.

Changes in the Duration of Lease Agreements

The New Housing Law introduces significant changes in the duration of lease agreements.

Effective immediately, a minimum of five years is set for residential contracts, extendable to seven years if.

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