New marketing department

new marketing department

New marketing department, professionalizing our social networks.

In our constant improvement, we take another step and are going to professionalize
social networks.
Starting this week we will tell you news, success stories and actions that we do in our
law firm, in which we are specialists:


  • CRIMINAL: All types of crimes: drugs, injuries, robbery, threats, alcoholism… +
  • FAMILY: Divorces, Inheritances, Modification of Measures, non-payment of
    pension, gender violence…
  • REAL ESTATE: Evictions, squatters, sales, donations,
  • CLAIMS AMOUNT: Debts, Traffic Accidents, Banking
  • We offer foreigners, both residents and non-residents in Spain, everything
    they may need: NIE, opening a bank account, assisting in a sale, obtaining
    mortgages, wills, Visa Gold, residences, legalization of foreign judgments…
  • We speak: Spanish, English, French, Arabic, Russian and Finnish

The different colleagues from the Toscanolex law firm, from the different offices on the
Costa del Sol, in Torremolinos, Fuengirola and Marbella, will appear on social
The founder of the firm, the lawyer Teresa Toscano, is going to create her own
personal profile, and this account will remain the official one of the law firm.
We hope you like it. We will be happy to inform you and help you. We are at your
disposal to provide solutions to your problems in the field of Civil Law (Family, Real
Estate and quantity claims) and Criminal Law.

You can see more news on our Instagram account

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