Reform in the Immigration Law in Spain

Reform in the Immigration Law in Spain

The Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, Elma Saiz, has announced a reform of the Regulations of the Immigration Law for the first half of 2024. This initiative seeks to reduce the number of permits, simplify procedures and reinforce the protection of the rights of migrants.

Reform in the Immigration Law in Spain: Announcement of Significant Changes in Residence Permits.

The reform contemplates the reduction of current permits, simplifying the classification and facilitating its understanding.

Transposition of European Regulations, Reform in the Immigration Law in Spain.

The new legislation will also address the transposition of two European regulations: the “Single Permit Directive” and the “Long-Term Residence Directive”.

These changes are expected to streamline procedures and provide greater clarity for both migrants and authorities.

These, the reform of the Regulations of the Immigration Law, aim to improve the processes of obtaining permits and strengthen guarantees against labor exploitation.

Sector Conference and Collaboration At the Immigration Sector Conference, the minister highlighted the essential collaboration of the Autonomous Communities, city councils and other entities in the management of migration phenomena.

The conference will be biannual, with the next call in March 2024.

Strength of the State Reception Network Reform of the Immigration Law in Spain.

The state reception network has been essential, especially in critical situations such as the arrival of more than 37,000 migrants to the Canary Islands.

The minister highlights the care provided to almost 44,000 people, and a visit to the Canary Islands is planned to evaluate the work of the teams involved.

The reform proposal reflects the need for a comprehensive vision and common commitment between Administrations to address immigration challenges.

The minister emphasizes the importance of working with solidarity and generosity, based on previous experiences with Syria, Afghanistan and Ukraine.

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