Are you thinking of processing an inheritance? ⚖

¿Estás pensando en tramitar una herencia?

Sometimes we are forced to make certain decisions, therefore, if you are thinking of processing an inheritance, and you do not know how to do it and the steps to follow, we can help you. From Toscanolex, we are going to try to explain all the steps clearly and briefly.

The first of all that we have to be clear about are the heirs, that is, to whom such an inheritance is addressed.

How do we know the heirs?

1. Through a will

2. By declaration of heirs.

Next, we need a series of mandatory documentation, such as the death certificate, last wishes, death insurance contract, property deeds, if any… among others.

Once the heirs have been determined and with the necessary documentation, we will proceed to go to a notary to sign the inheritance acceptance deed, which details the distribution that corresponds to each heir. And then, all the corresponding tax payments will be made, as well as the changes of ownership.

You have to know that an inheritance can be made by mutual agreement or not. When it is by mutual agreement, it is done in a notary (as in the case at hand), and when there is no consensus, it will be done in court.

If you are out of the country or a foreigner, don’t worry!! From our office we can carry out all the procedures on your behalf through powers of attorney.

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